Synthesia AI Review 2024 (Essential for Video Makers?)

Transform how you produce videos with Synthesia AI. In our review of Synthesia AI, we delve into the AI avatars, the editing capabilities, and the overall simplicity of use.

What is Synthesia?

Synthesia represents a cutting-edge, AI-powered tool for creating videos that has been disrupting the video editing landscape. It harnesses artificial intelligence to streamline video production, making it easier and more efficient for its users. A notable aspect of Synthesia is its innovative video production technique, using AI avatars to animate scripts.

  • AI-Driven Video Production: Synthesia simplifies video making by using sophisticated AI, removing the necessity for intricate filming setups and prolonged editing.
  • Production of High-Quality Videos: Users can generate compelling videos without needing costly hardware or specialized expertise due to its advanced AI technology.
  • Distinct AI Avatars: By providing an array of AI avatars that mimic human appearances, Synthesia introduces a unique, personalized element to video content.

Synthesia excels in creating ready-to-publish videos by seamlessly integrating AI text-to-speech, language customization options, and precise avatar audio synchronization. It boasts over 150 visual AI avatars and supports multiple languages, offering a rich selection of video templates for creative expression. The platform is enriched with features like AI-based translation, a media repository, and collaborative tools, all contributing to an effortless video production process.

Even though Synthesia’s cost might be steep in comparison to other AI video production tools, its value proposition is in the high quality and adaptability it offers. Synthesia caters to a wide range of users, from solo creators to larger organizations, by providing varied pricing structures. Its pioneering AI functionalities and customization potential make it a transformative tool in video production.

Synthesia Features

In this examination of Synthesia AI, we explore the core features that position this tool as transformative for video producers.

  • Numerous AI Avatars: Synthesia provides a wide variety of over 150 AI avatars, offering diverse cultural representations and human-like qualities in videos. The constant addition of new avatars and support for over 120 dialects and accents allows for the creation of universally appealing and engaging videos effortlessly.
  • Templates and Tailored Backgrounds: With its vast library of video templates and the ability to customize backgrounds, Synthesia ensures videos are tailor-made to match a brand’s ethos. It simplifies video production further by enabling conversion of PowerPoint presentations into templates, allowing for greater accessibility and simplification of the video creation process.
  • AI Translations: The platform’s capability to translate scripts within it enhances the accessibility of content creation, enabling users to craft localized content for international audiences efficiently. This eliminates the dependency on external translation services, streamlining the video production workflow.

Furthermore, Synthesia incorporates a cloud-based media library for storing assets such as images, videos, music, and fonts. The platform supports collaboration efficiently with multi-user access and comprehensive sharing functionalities, promoting productivity and teamwork in video projects.

Integration with Descript adds to Synthesia’s versatility, combining robust audio and video editing tools with voice cloning for a more personalized video production process.

In essence, Synthesia’s rich features revolutionize the video making landscape, offering ease of use, vast customization possibilities, and a variety of AI avatars, making it suitable for both independent creators and larger teams seeking flexible pricing options.

Synthesia’s API

Synthesia’s API introduces a pioneering approach to including data in the automated video creation process, setting it apart in the AI-driven tool domain.

  • Sophisticated Data Integration Interface: The API of Synthesia facilitates an efficient video making process by automating the integration of data through API calls. This enables the creation of videos that are personalized and centered around specific data effortlessly.
  • Automated Video Creation Workflow: The utilization of AI automatizes the entire video production workflow, making it both efficient and powerful. Templates can be customized with variable data for a more personalized video output.

With the capabilities of Synthesia’s API, video makers can elevate their content by incorporating data-driven insights and automating their workflows. Whether for a small business aiming to produce professional-grade videos or a larger enterprise with intricate video production needs, Synthesia’s API offers a comprehensive and powerful solution.

Synthesia AI Pricing

Synthesia has developed diverse pricing plans to accommodate different preferences and financial plans. Let’s delve into the specifics:

  • Personal Plan:
    • Features: Includes 10 video minutes monthly with access to text-to-video functionalities.
    • Language Support: While it supports more than 120 languages, a smaller selection of AI avatars is available.
    • Best For: Suitable for solo creators or small businesses looking for cost-effective, professional video production.
    • Cost: Priced at $30 per month.
  • Enterprise Plans:
    • Features: Provides an advanced feature set for team-sized projects, including greater scene numbers per video and access to an expansive range of over 140+ AI avatars with unrestricted video production.
    • Best For: Ideal for larger operations or businesses with greater video production demands.
    • Cost: Pricing is customized based on discussions with sales.

Synthesia’s pricing, while on the higher spectrum relative to other AI video makers, is justified by the quality output and includes a free trial for first-time users. Regardless of the role—whether an individual creator or a collaborating team—Synthesia’s pricing schemes are designed to meet a wide array of requirements, although the premier features come at an increased cost.

How to Create a Video in Synthesia

Looking to transform your video production and make engaging content more simply? Synthesia AI could be the answer. This detailed guide will show you the steps to effortlessly create a video with Synthesia, highlighting the functionalities that set this AI tool apart.

  • Select Starting Point: Begin by hitting the “New Video” button at the platform’s top right, offering various starting points including a blank canvas, AI assistance, PowerPoint conversion, or template use, accommodating all user levels.
  • Choose Template or Blank Canvas: Opting for a template can fast-track the video creation in Synthesia, supplying a professional basis that’s customizable to fit brand aesthetics. The platform facilitates this with features like PowerPoint to template conversion, designing custom backgrounds, and pre-made scenes for an enhanced video production process.
  • Edit and Generate Video: The editing phase is where you bring the script to life using Synthesia’s AI, including text-to-speech, language translation, and avatar synchronization. Customize to taste and simply hit “Generate” for the AI to produce your high-quality video, ready for sharing or downloading. Although the AI avatar may not completely mimic natural human dynamics yet, the process is straightforward and yields compelling content.

By following these steps and utilizing Synthesia AI’s advanced features, video creation becomes more streamlined, yielding engaging content effortlessly. Stay tuned for further insights into the pros and cons of Synthesia and potential alternatives for your video creation needs.

Synthesia Pros and Cons

As a transformative tool for video creators, let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of using Synthesia.


  • Intuitive User Interface: Synthesia’s design makes video production straightforward, focusing user efforts on creating engaging content.
  • Superior Video Quality: Videos produced are of high fidelity, enhancing audience engagement and boosting brand representation.
  • Affordable AI Production: The AI technology employed by Synthesia makes efficient and cost-effective video production possible, minimizing resource expenditure.
  • Diverse Customization Features: Catering to various production needs, from corporate presentations to social ads, Synthesia offers wide-ranging customization, including branding and language options.
  • Multilingual Support: The tool’s ability to handle multiple languages and accents makes it apt for global creators seeking widespread engagement.


  • Limited Selection of Avatars and Voices: Users may find the avatar and voice options somewhat restrictive for certain branding needs. Broadening this selection could improve the platform.
  • Occasional Lip-Sync and Pronunciation Missteps: Small issues in lip-syncing and pronunciation can detract from video professionalism. Addressing these could boost user experience.
  • Price Consideration: Despite offering a trial, accessing Synthesia’s full capabilities necessitates a notable investment, which may deter smaller creators or businesses.

Despite its minor flaws, Synthesia stands as a robust solution for generating AI avatar-driven videos, presenting a user-friendly platform with high-quality output and extensive customization possibilities.

Synthesia Use Cases

Synthesia’s AI video creation tool has found application across diverse sectors, owing to its innovative features and versatility. Here’s how different industries benefit from Synthesia:

  • Marketing: As an effective tool for creating engaging, multilingual content, Synthesia broadens brand reach, making it a go-to for marketers.
  • Training & Development: Transforms textual instructions into interactive video formats, making learning engaging and effective.
  • Customer Service: Uses its API for creating personalized video interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The applications of Synthesia span from education, recruitment, and compliance to human resources, sales, and beyond, showcasing its capability to streamline process, curb production costs, and fortify communication strategies. Through its array of use cases and unique features, Synthesia is proving indispensable in leveraging AI for video creation.


Summing up Synthesia AI’s review, it’s apparent that this tool harbors immense potential to redefine video production. The AI avatar integration simplifies video editing, favoring a text-driven approach. While showcasing numerous strengths, Synthesia invites room for enhancing avatar realism and expanding personal vs. enterprise plans.

  • Education and marketing benefit immensely: Offering an effective mechanism for high-quality, engaging video creation without needing specialist skills or pricey equipment.
  • Enhancement in avatar realism is needed: Advancing the realism of AI avatars by improving expressions and synchronization could further refine video quality.
  • Choosing the appropriate plan is imperative: Users need to weigh their needs against the budget. The Personal Plan serves individual creators and small businesses well, whereas Enterprise Plans accommodate larger, complex projects.

As Synthesia AI evolves, it remains an intriguing tool for transforming video production with its innovative AI design. Delving into its personal plan and exploring the sample gallery offers invaluable insights into its capability, anticipating its trajectory towards more realistic video generation experiences. Whether opting for a Personal or an Enterprise Plan, Synthesia AI introduces a pathway to aligning with diverse user requirements in a continually advancing technological landscape.