WP Security Ninja

Secure your WordPress site with Security Ninja. Offering a suite of tools from vulnerability scans to event logging, this plugin helps safeguard your site against potential threats. Ideal for website owners and developers. Try the free version or explore advanced features with a premium plan.


Security Ninja is widely adopted by WordPress site owners looking to enhance their website security without needing extensive technical knowledge. The plugin offers a free version and multiple paid tiers starting at $39, providing value through both basic and advanced security features. Users praise Security Ninja for its effectiveness, noting it often identifies security gaps they hadn’t detected themselves, rating it highly at 9/10 for its utility and ease of use. The tool is particularly beneficial for those managing multiple sites, with packages available for up to 99 websites, making it ideal for developers and agencies seeking robust, scalable security solutions.

Key Features

Comprehensive Scanning: Quickly identifies vulnerabilities with over 40 security tests, including brute-force password audits.
User-Friendly Interface: Results are color-coded and detailed instructions are provided for resolving issues.
Pro Active Monitoring: Includes malware scanning, core file integrity checks, and scheduled scans for ongoing protection.
Event Logging: Tracks and logs all website events to detect unauthorized changes or access.