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Key Features:

Scorecard Keyword Tools: Research the best keywords for titles, descriptions, tags, and playlists.
Channel Audit Tool: Gain insights into what works best for your content and how to improve it.
Competitors Tool: Peek behind the curtain at your competitors’ strategies for ranking high.
Compare Views Tool: Track video velocity and benchmark against competitors.
Most Viewed Tool: Discover trending topics driving massive views on YouTube.
Productivity Tools: Streamline channel management tasks for enhanced efficiency.
Thumbnail Generator: Create eye-catching thumbnails to attract more viewers.
Achievements Tool: Celebrate milestones like hitting 1000 subscribers or 1 million views.

Fuelled by advanced analytics and real-time data insights, vidIQ equips you with the knowledge needed to outperform rivals, attract quality viewership, and achieve sustainable growth. Take the guesswork out of YouTube optimization – harness the power of vidIQ today!