Urals, the ultimate microsite builder designed to boost your online presence and drive traffic seamlessly across platforms. Perfect for marketers and content creators, Urals offers automated content generation, reusable blocks, and is optimized for all devices.


Urals is revolutionizing the way small businesses, marketers, and content creators enhance their online presence. This user-friendly microsite builder allows users to effortlessly create landing pages and microsites with reusable blocks, making it ideal for driving cross-platform traffic. With features like automatic generation of visual content and customizable link blocks, Urals ensures that your offers and content stand out.

Who is using Urals?

Small business owners, digital marketers, and social media influencers are finding Urals particularly useful for amplifying their online engagement.

Key Features

Automated Content Creation: Automatically generates cover images, thumbnails, titles, and descriptions from links.
Reusable Blocks: Create and reuse collections of blocks like images, buttons, and galleries across multiple pages.
Cross-Platform Traffic: Enhances visibility and engagement by linking microsites with social media platforms.
User-Friendly Design: Offers a block-based interface that is optimized for all screen sizes and devices.