Remo is a versatile meeting platform that supports both live and virtual participants, offers stable recurring meeting links, and plans to expand integration capabilities. It’s designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.


Key Features:

  • Hybrid Meeting Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate live and virtual participants in town hall meetings and more.

  • Recurring Meeting Links: Schedule series of meetings with a consistent URL, enhancing convenience.

  • Integration Support: Compatible with Zapier, with plans to expand to Pabbly and Activepieces.

  • Customizable Plans: Tier-specific features including API access and custom branding options.

Who is using Remo? 

Professionals across various industries utilize Remo for efficient and flexible meeting solutions, from small businesses to large corporations.

Pricing Info: Currently Remo is listed on Appsumo. Remo offers competitive pricing with special discounts for AppSumo Plus members. Pricing set to adjust after May 1st 2024, with an increase of at least $10 US across all tiers.

What customers are saying about Remo?

Users appreciate Remo for its robust integration capabilities and the ability to host high-quality hybrid events. The platform’s support for recurring meeting links and API access are highly valued by businesses looking for scalable communication solutions.