Online Course Host (OCH)

OCH is a platform designed for course creators to sell their content online, offering both one-time sales and subscription options. With multi-language support and the ability to increase storage capacity through coupon stacking, OCH provides a versatile solution for online course businesses.


Key Features:

  • Limited storage included in the Pro plan

  • Support for one-time sales and subscriptions

  • Ability to stack coupons for additional storage

  • Multi-language support, including Spanish

Who is using OCH? 

Individuals and businesses looking to sell courses online and offer subscription access to their content.

Pricing info:

The Pro plan on AppSumo includes 5 GB of storage, with the option to add more storage by stacking coupons. Grab that lifetime deal from Appsumo.

What customers are saying about OCH?

Customers appreciate the flexibility of the platform in terms of sales models and language support. Some users find the initial 5 GB storage limit sufficient for a few courses.