Discover how Echowin revolutionizes call handling with its advanced AI agent that ensures zero missed calls, seamless customer interactions, and powerful workflow automation for businesses of all sizes.


Echowin emerges as a game-changer in the telecommunication landscape, offering businesses an innovative solution to manage their call answering needs effortlessly. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Echowin guarantees 24/7 availability with its smart AI agent that engages customers in natural conversations, delivering a human-like interaction seamlessly. The platform stands out for its robust integration capabilities with over 6000 applications, enabling complex phone workflows to be automated efficiently.

Key Features:

AI Call Answering: Natural language understanding for interactive customer responses.
Workflow Automation: Seamless integration with 6000+ apps streamlines processes.
Live Transcripts: Real-time call transcriptions provide valuable insights into customer queries.
CRM Integration: Automatic caller ID and conversation tracking for effortless contact management.
Smart Analytics: Detailed reports offer insights into call patterns and customer interactions.

Pricing Model:

Monthly Plan: Starting at $49.99/month with 100 minutes and additional usage fees.
Yearly Plan: 20% discount with similar benefits as the monthly plan.
Free White Glove Onboarding: Limited-time waiver of the $500 setup fee. (Disclaimer: Prices subject to change; visit the official website for updated information.)