Explore the possibilities of advanced data visualization with Columns. Benefit from Python integration and REST API support to easily create dynamic graphs.


Empower your data analysis endeavors with Columns, offering cutting-edge features to bring your insights to life. Dive into the world of dynamic graph creation with seamless Python integration and REST API support, allowing you to tailor your visualizations to perfection. Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or a beginner looking to enhance your charts, Columns provides the tools for everyone.

Key Features:

Python Integration: Seamlessly integrate Python scripts into your visualizations for customized data representations.
REST API Support: Build new graphs effortlessly using our JavaScript-based graph client built on top of a REST API.
Mobile-Responsive Embeds: Experience auto-scaling embeds that maintain their aspect ratio for optimal viewing on mobile devices.
Trend Analysis Tools: From trending lines to value transformations, analyze data trends efficiently for actionable insights.
Forecasting Capabilities: Leverage forecasting functions to predict future trends based on historical data.

Unleash the full potential of your data with Columns‘ advanced tools and functionalities. Elevate every chart and graph with trend analysis features that go beyond conventional platforms.