Branalyzer is a comprehensive SEO tool offering advanced features for data analysis, report generation, and deep insights into website performance and SEO strategies.


Key Features:

  • Advanced SEO Information

  • Export Results to CSV and Excel

  • Brands PDF Report Generator

  • Integration with Majestic for comprehensive data analysis

Who is using Branalyzer?

Branalyzer is utilized by businesses, agencies, and SEO professionals seeking in-depth insights and detailed reports for their SEO strategies.

Pricing info:

  • Lifetime Deal: $49 for Enterprise Large businesses & Agencies (4 codes)

  • After sales: $139/month

What customers are saying about Branalyzer?

Customers appreciate Branalyzer’s powerful features but express concerns about certain functionalities like PDF report generation. The team is actively working on enhancements to address these issues.