Blurweb App

Blurweb App offers a simple yet effective solution to protect sensitive information while sharing screens. Experience peace of mind with secure screen sharing today.


Key Features:

  • Instantly blur sensitive information on webpages

  • Keep blur feature for enhanced security

  • Chrome extension & Firefox add-on support

  • Lifetime access with one-time purchase

Who is using Blurweb App?

Creators, professionals, and individuals who prioritize data security during screen sharing sessions.

Pricing info:

  • Plan 1: $17 for 3 devices/browsers access

  • Plan 2: $34 for 6 devices/browsers access

  • Plan 3: $51 for 9 devices/browsers access

What customers are saying about Blurweb App?

“Blurweb App saved me from accidental data leaks during live sessions. Highly recommended!” – John on Appsumo